Pool technology enclosure

Modern pool technology houses and cabinets

The modern pool technology house Welcome to the Garten[Q] solutions for technology enclosures in the outdoor area. Here you will find many possibilities to disguise your pool technology or garden technology in a high-quality and chic way. A modern pool technology cabinet should not only have a modern design, but also be maintenance-free, variable and functional. This also applies to our large pool technology house.

Just like all other Garten[Q] products, our pool technology enclosures impress with high quality, flexibility and a plus in functionality. Inform yourself here and choose a product suitable for your needs in our product overview.

Pool equipment cabinets - as a design element


The shelter for pool and swimming pool equipment

Optimal access: doors and mounting walls on any side

Pool technology and also accessories for your swimming pool can be stored optimally in your Garten[Q]. It is available with and without floor construction, depending on the model. It consists either of aluminum frames that are screwed directly onto your slab decking, or has a solid floor construction with height-adjustable feet. On the construction side, there are doors on at least one side. You decide on which sides there should be solid walls for mounting technology. All materials are completely maintenance free. You will never have to paint again.

The large Garten[Q] product range offers you many possibilities to cover your pool technology. >> Info sheet (PDF)

Most often taken as a pool equipment enclosure:

Without bottom construction of Various-2 and Various-3
With bottom construction of Teras-1 and Teras-XL-1

Go to our product overview and let us advise you for your individual solution also gladly by telephone: Phone: +49/89/244 18 41-0

The modern pool technology enclosure

Compact enclosure for your pool technology

Small gardens in particular offer little space for enclosing pool technology or other garden equipment. Expensive shafts are also not the solution in every case. Set a design element with a Garten[Q] and hide not only your pool technology, but also store pool accessories and garden tools with direct access.

All Garten[Q]Various models, for example, are suitable as enclosures for your pool technology. These shelters have no floor construction and are screwed directly onto the ground. Optional shelf inserts store your accessories.

Teras (larger Teras-XL) and Pure (larger Pure-XL) models have a floor construction and already a complex interior. These models also serve as a pool equipment cabinet. Talk to your pool builder about what space is needed for the technical installation and which compartments should be used for it. Also ask for variants without interior partitioning if you need more space for your pool pump.

Either way, the multi-sided operation means you can always get directly to your pool equipment cabinet or your equipment and accessories.

The modern garden house for pool technology

Garden shed for pool technology

If you have a lot to store and also the space to do so, you should take a closer look at the ingenious pool technology house Garten[Q]Primus. A walk-in room and integrated shelving systems with direct access from the outside give the storage of pool equipment completely new possibilities.

Of course, the pool pump house is completely maintenance-free and can also be equipped with a floor construction on request. We would also be happy to advise you by phone at: +49 (0)89 - 244 18 41-0

Pool equipment cabinet and garden cabinet combined

Pool technology and equipment house

An important aspect of the Garten[Q] models is that they can be freely combined with each other. So you can also combine several Garten[Q]Various with each other. Or even place the Various-3 back to back with a Garten[Q]Teras-XL.

In the green roof Garten[Q] a downpipe runs inside the cabinet and directs excess water to the ground. The depth of the tray is about 8 cm. You can also simply put flower pots or flower boxes inside.

So you not only hide your garden and pool equipment, but also store other equipment and garden utensils at will.

Design pump enclosure


Garten[Q] :: The solution for housing your pool equipment. The access from several sides and the structured interior division give you direct access to the entire pool technology and all things to be stored.

Frost-free storage is not currently provided for. In this regard, you would need to consult with your pool builder to determine if this is even necessary. If necessary, your pool technology enclosure can be extended accordingly.

Offered all pool equipment cabinets and pool equipment houses in over 100 colors and decors. Configure the model that suits you in our store.

All pool equipment cabinets are delivered "pre-assembled" and can be assembled by yourself or you can order our assembly service.


Modern design pool technology enclosures

Here are a few special pool technology house features at a glance:

  • One to three-way access
  • Freely placeable mounting walls behind side doors
  • Various sizes
  • Over 100 colors and decors or ESG safety glass doors
  • With and without bottom and shelves
  • With and without green roof module
  • Perfect for small gardens and roof terraces
  • Perfect with modern architecture
  • Completely maintenance free (never paint again)
  • Mostly no building permit required
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • 10 years warranty
Footprint From 158 x 80 cm to 250 cm x 250 cm depending on the model
Total height From 120 cm to 250 cm yes according to model and configuration
Doors on three to four sides with access or mounting walls behind. Depending on the model and configuration.
Features Maintenance-free, vandalism-proof, lightfast approx. 10 years*.
5 standard colors and over 100 other colors/decors or glass. (Depending on model and configuration).
Design Wide or narrow stripe design
Roof construction
Special UV roof foil with aluminum edging and drip edge. Or green roof module
Floor construction With or without floor construction depending on model or configuration
Back wall Plastic coated back panel (dark brown) , Trespa cladding or doors. Depending on model and configuration
Substrate Solid, level substrate. (e.g. concrete slabs)
Interior With compartment division in plastic-coated multilayer wood panels. Very robust and durable. Or without interior and with shelf insert if necessary.
Frost-free No Building permit free Mostly yes (depending on municipality and installation site) Lockable Yes Delivery Completely "pre-assembled": Roof and floor complete and doors already mounted on frame ready. Structure Self-assembly or assembly service on site for an additional charge Dismantling / conversion / relocation Problem free possible Warranty 10 years Purchase price from 1.999,- €

pool technology cabinet-qualitaet.jpg

Pool technology enclosures "Made in Bavaria" completely maintenance-free

All maintenance-free Garten[Q] models are manufactured in Bavaria by a special carpenter's workshop from the highest quality, maintenance-free materials. They are made of HPL Trespa Meteon, metal (stainless steel and aluminum) and plastic-coated multilayer wood panels.

Inside, the Garten[Q] is made of plastic-coated multilayer wood panels. These are characterized by their extraordinary robustness. It doesn't matter if something gets wet or dirty inside. The boards are easy to wipe and very stable and perfectly suited to screw technology components.

Info about Trespa Meteon

Pictures from the production

Pool technology houses for any environment

5 standard colors, 2 different stripe designs and over 100 other colors and decorations

Pool technique cabinet in white


234 x 80 x 158/120 cm

Strip narrow / without bottom

The small pool technical house


158 x 80 x 120/158 cm

Strip wide / Without bottom / With green roof

Enclosure for the garden in anthracite


158 x 158 x 158 cm

Strip wide / Without bottom

Pool technique house modern


250 x 250 x 250 cm

Strip wide

The technical cabinet for the garden in red


158 x 80 x 158 cm

Strips narrow / With bottom and inside

Modern swimming pool technology enclosure in the garden'


234 x 158 x 158 cm

Strip wide / Without bottom

The modern pool pump house in wood look


Special decor StoneWood

Strip wide

More colors


Color palette

More colors