Frequently asked questions

Garten[Q] General

For whom is the Garten[Q]?

The Garten[Q] (pronounced English "Q" Kjuh) was developed for:

  • Small gardens
  • Order loving people
  • Owners who do not want to paint or maintain your garden closet, garden shed, garbage box annually
  • Customers who do not want to put a mighty "yodel hut" or "tin container" in the garden
What are the advantages over a garden shed/utility shed?
  • "Manageable" size
  • Space-optimized classification system
  • More storage space on a small footprint since filling up to under the roof is possible
  • Easy change of appearance by replacing the doors
  • Freely adjustable shelves
How to order a Garten[Q]

You have three options to order your dream garden[Q]:

  1. Fill in our order form and send us back page 1 signed by mail, fax or post. >> Order forms
  2. Use our store and configure your Garten[Q] according to your needs and order directly online. Several payment options are available to you.
  3. Order from one of our partners.
How does the store work?

In our Garten[Q] store you have the possibility to configure your Garten[Q] model yourself. Standard colors are also visualized immediately. All product prices are clearly visible and will be added or deducted depending on your selection. You pay only what you really need.

With the button "Save configuration" or "Shopping cart" we save all your configurations. To do this, you need to create a quick Q account. This way you can access your Garten[Q] designs at any time.

With a Q-account you can also create an address book with possible shipping addresses. By selecting a delivery address you will also be shown the correct shipping costs.

Once you have decided on a configuration, you can delete the others and "Proceed to checkout" will take you directly to the checkout process.

What does 2 to 8 weeks delivery time mean? (For HPL models)

Since all Garten[Q] models are made by hand in our factory from HPL-Trespa, the delivery time depends on 2 main factors: 1. the capacity utilization of the workshop and 2. the delivery times of the components you have selected.

The delivery time for models in standard color and glass is usually 4 weeks. In urgent cases and with free capacity, we can also manage 2 weeks.

During peak periods, such as spring, some standard color models can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered. In case of doubt, quality always comes before delivery time.

Special colors and decors usually need 6-8 weeks, because we depend on the availability and delivery of the corresponding material.

Just ask us about the current delivery times or tell us your desired kW.


How do I get a quote with all the costs?

The fastest way to get a quote for your Garten[Q] :: solution is through the store.

1.) Configure your model according to your needs.

2.) Add your Garten[Q] to the shopping cart

3.) Register with a few details

4) Add more models or modules and accessories to your shopping cart if necessary. (This is important because you will receive a discount if you order more than one model). Add accessories such as connection panels if you need them.

5.) Click on "Create offer".

6) Enter a delivery address. The delivery country is important so that the shipping price can be output correctly.

7.) Select the shipping method (by forwarding agent also for assembly service).

8) After "continue" a complete cost breakdown appears, which will be sent to you at the same time as an offer PDF, by mail.

Now you can also go back to your shopping cart and remove or reconfigure models. If you have a new variant, you can create a new quote at the touch of a button. Until you have found your ideal solution.

If you have any questions, you should feel free to call us. Then we will be happy to guide you on the phone to your offer and a great solution.

Are there any discounts or sales promotions?

There are no discount or sale promotions at Garten[Q] . Your neighbor will not have purchased his Garten[Q] cheaper just because he was waiting for a discount promotion. Discounts are not possible because of the high cost of production and materials.

If you order more than one model at the same time, you get 5% on everything! So also on additional modules such as green roof or Trespa back wall. Excluded are only delivery costs and assembly service. Who orders in the store receives a credit note.

ATTENTION: Every customer has the possibility to get any amount of money back. The PREMIUM program is automatically activated for our customers and allows to get money back in many ways.

>> Info PREMIUM program

Maintenance free garden houses and garden cabinets made of Trespa

What is the Garten[Q] made of and who makes it?
  • Manufacture in a special Franconian carpenter's workshop.
  • Doors made of "Trespa" material. Used for garden shed construction and house facade design.
  • Weather resistance and color fastness particularly distinguish this long-tested material.
  • All metal components made of stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Interior made of coated multilayer wood panels.
What do you get in the Garten[Q] ?

Especially effective is the Garten[Q] for storing garden tools, small parts, tools, toys. But the Garten[Q] also has compartments for storing bulky and larger utensils: Lawn mower, barbecue or cleaning equipment. You will be amazed at what you can store.

Get lawn mower and grill in one Garten[Q]?

YES! In every model. Please refer to the floor plan drawings of each model to measure if your lawn mower or grill will fit.

Can I get bicycles in a Garten[Q]?

An adult bicycle has a length of over 2 meters. Therefore, the following models come into question if you want to adjust bicycles:

1 - 2 bikes + garden tools: Garden[Q]Pure-XL

1 - 2 bikes: Various-3

4 Bikes: Various-XL

At best, your bikes are pushed in backwards from both narrow sides. So you can easily pull out of the Garten[Q] when in use.

Can you have the Garten[Q] higher?

The Garten[Q] has been optimized so that all important equipment can be stored in a very small space. Especially the height is very annoying in garden houses, because it obscures the view.

If you are wondering how to store long-handled tools in a garden cabinet with a height of 1.58 m, here is a suggestion. Some tools have a handle of more than two meters. We recommend using a telescopic handle. You can easily set it in the Garten[Q] and with the help of the tool wall you also have all combi attachments at hand. So why increase the height of the entire garden cabinet to 2.20 m for a broom or rake?

Telescopic handles with combi attachments are available at garden supply stores or any hardware store.

Garten[Q] as privacy screen

If you want to use your Garten[Q] as a privacy screen, you can achieve a privacy screen height of 180 cm with the help of the green roof and the floor plinth. The clear inside height then remains at approx. 150 cm. ( Currently not with the -XL models)

What are the benefits compared to a conventional garden shed?

Especially in small gardens, the Garten[Q] hardly takes up any garden space with maximum storage space. The green roof gives even this area back (snail-free!).

Due to the access from different sides and the compartment divisions, the Garten[Q] allows for order that can never be achieved in a garden shed.

In addition to the functional properties, the Garten[Q] is also a design object in your garden, for which you will be the envy of your neighbor and friends. A real "eye-catcher" in fact!

Can I build my Garten[Q] on my own?

The assembly is basically easier than that of a garden house. All parts supplied by us are completely pre-assembled. (Trespa models) Your Garten[Q] only needs to be screwed together. However, this requires at least two people. The assembly time is, depending on the model and skills between 4 and 6 hours.

We are also happy to offer you an assembly service at your location. You can order this in our store at the same time.


For our wooden models we recommend an assembly service!

Is there a warranty on the product?

Yes! Even 10 years! Please note our warranty conditions.

The company Trespa also provides, depending on the color 10-year warranty on light fastness of your Trespa doors.

What do I need to put a Garten[Q] in my garden?

To set up a Garten[Q] , you do NOT need a building permit in most communities. However, a solid level surface is a prerequisite. For example, concrete slabs are excellent. Please do not place it in the meadow.

For the shelters and garbage boxes without floor construction, the ground must be absolutely level. Unlike the models with floor construction, they do not have height-adjustable feet. (So it is necessary to work with washers to compensate for unevenness). Also, the foundation should be thick enough to screw the feet into it.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Is the Garten[Q] waterproof?

No! It must not be. If you put damp or wet things in your Garten[Q] , the moisture must escape via the ventilation system. No interior walls are built "butt to butt", so water may well evaporate inside once in a while.

Sensitive items, such as your seat cushions, should be packed separately in winter. Higher compartments inside the case are also suitable to store more delicate equipment.

Of course, your Garten[Q] protects your devices from rain and moisture.  

How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the color you choose. Our standard colors are usually available in about 4 weeks. Special colors need between 6 and 8 weeks depending on availability. Shipping to Switzerland needs additionally about one week.

How is the Garten[Q] delivered?

The Garten[Q] comes as a kit on a specially created pallet. All important parts are completely pre-assembled. Roof and floor construction is ready mounted. You do not need to glue any roof foil. All doors are already mounted on the frames with all accessories. You only need to screw your Garten[Q] together.

Ask us for the assembly instructions if you are unsure whether you can do the assembly yourself.

Is everything included in the purchase price or do I have to buy something extra?

YES! The purchase price includes a fully usable product, including interior. Unlike garden houses often, you do not have to buy extra roofing film or other parts.

Additional modules and extensions can be selected when configuring your product.  

If you want to connect several models, you still need connecting panels with Trespa cladding in your chosen door color. Please ask for advice on this.

Why is the Garten[Q] so expensive?

Due to its construction with a robust and complex interior, as well as many maintenance-free doors, stainless metal parts, high-quality roof and floor construction coupled with a lot of manual work, the manufacturing costs are high, which also affects the price.

All parts are "pre-assembled"! Roof and floor completely ready with pre-assembled brackets for the interior. The doors are already attached to the frame with all the locking parts and hinges. This is the only way the fit and quality control can work.

It is a product completely manufactured in Germany/Bavaria ("made in germany"), which will give you lasting pleasure in quality and functionality.

(Does not concern the wooden models)