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The garden houseThe garden [Q]primus is probably the perfect garden shed. It consists of a walk-in area and includes, if desired, side access into shelving systems. Store bulky equipment such as bicycles and gas grills in the large space and use the shelving systems integrated in the garden house from the inside and outside to get direct access to tools, children's toys and, for example, your lawn mower. The standard size is 250 x 250 x 250 cm.

The high quality garden house with more functionality

The garden house

The idea of the garden house Primus is quickly described. With this garden shed, you not only have a walk-in space for bulky and large equipment, but also direct access via additional doors to a shelving system in the house. Various compartments you use from the outside and inside.
Stow bicycles, garden furniture, gas grill and other bulky equipment in the walk-in space. Your lawn mower, however, you push through a side door at the back, from the outside directly into the garden shed.
This means that you do not have to move the other equipment aside to mow the lawn. In the basic version, you get a modern, maintenance-free garden shed even without the side shelf systems. Configure according to your needs.

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Garden house from HPL Trespa

The modern HPL high quality garden house from Trespa

In the standard version, the garden[Q]Primus is an extremely high-quality garden shed made of maintenance-free HPL-Trespa.

In the footprint of 244 cm x 244 cm you can use the entire interior. A large door allows access. The narrow flat roof gives your modern garden house a unique look.

The exclusive quality garden house from the house Garten[Q] provides you with a garden house of the highest quality and unique appearance. We give you 10 years warranty.

Garden house with integrated shelving system

The ingenious extension:The integrated shelf insert

If you also use your garden shed to store your garden tools, tools and small parts, you should consider the Q-extension.

Three doors on one side of your garden shed gives you direct access to your equipment. The sophisticated design not only provides shelf storage space from the outside, but also allows you to store items inside the garden shed in an organized manner. This makes gardening fun!

Garden house floor from film slab

The sturdy garden shed floor

In the standard version, the garden house Primus has no base plate. So you can slide in or store bicycles or other bulky things without barriers.

On request, you can get a robust floor made of a 4 cm thick "Film Film Plate". This is known from trailer construction or also as a floor plate for trucks.

We also integrate windows on request. Please ask for an offer and let us advise you. Phone +49/89/339 8124-80

Garden shed anthracite in RAL 7016

Give the garden shed door its own color

Those who wish can assign their own color to the main door. For example, the garden house in anthracite RAL 7016 can get a gray or white door.

5 standard colors are available for selection. Over 100 other colors and decors are available on request.

The garden house door can also extend over the entire height to under the roof.


Garden house Primus floor plan

Garden house with great functionality

The first "walk-in" garden shed from Garten[Q] is simply unbeatable in its quality and functionality. Especially with the shelf system extension you get the usual Garten[Q]-fun of daily gardening. Order, structure and direct access to the most important equipment, tools, children's toys and small parts are guaranteed. The exact footprint (foundation size) is 244 x 244 cm.


The garden house is made of high quality HPL-Trespa panels. Never paint again! No fading of the paint! 10 years warranty!


The garden house from Trespa HPL

Here are a few special garden house features at a glance:

  • High quality maintenance free garden house made of HPL Trespa
  • On request an integrated shelving system with direct access from the outside
  • Over 100 colors and decorations
  • With or without floor construction
  • Modern flat roof
  • Perfect with modern architecture
  • Assembly service
  • 10 years warranty

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Footprint approx. 244 cm x 125 / 244 cm (W x D)
Total height approx. 250 cm
Maximum room height ca. 238 cm
Doors / Walls
Made of Trespa Meteon (thickness 8 mm)
Features Maintenance-free, vandalism-proof, lightfast (according to manufacturer's specifications)
5 standard colors and over 100 additional colors and decors
Design Wide stripe design
Roof construction
Flat roof construction covered with special UV roofing film. Extremely low noise during rain. Water drainage takes place via drip edges on all sides
Floor construction No floor as standard. On request fixed bottom plate.
Back wall HPL-Trespa cladding
Substrate Solid, level substrate. (e.g. concrete slabs)
Interior Plastic-coated multilayer wood panels. Very sturdy and durable.
Building permit free Depending on the municipality and installation site
Lockable Yes
Delivery Together with construction team
Structure Currently no self assembly possible.
Dismantling / Reconstruction / Relocation Possible
Warranty 10 years
Delivery time Standard color approx. 4 - 6 weeks, special colors approx. 6 - 8 weeks, decors and metallic approx. 8 - 10 weeks

Quality garden shed garden cabinet trash box shelter seal


garden cabinet-quality.jpg

High quality garden house made of HPL or metal

Garden house Primus is made in Bavaria by our special carpentry. It is made exclusively of the highest quality, maintenance-free materials. Built by hand from Trespa (HPL), metal (stainless steel and aluminum) and plastic-coated multi-layer wood panels.

The exterior walls are mostly made of "Trespa Meteon". This is an HPL (high pressure laminate) that is ideal for outdoor use. Please read: >> the Trespa Meteon info brochure

Inside, the garden house is made of plastic-coated screen-printed panels. These are characterized by their extraordinary robustness. There it also does not matter if something is put wet or dirty inside. The plates are easy to wipe and very stable! Therefore, our garden house is completely weatherproof.

With a Garten[Q] you choose an extremely high quality product and get 10 years warranty.

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The info sheet

Learn everything about this Garten[Q] model. We have packed all the floor plans, variants and everything you need to know into this PDF. You can save it or print it out conveniently.
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The garden house for any environment

5 standard colors and over 100 additional colors and decors

Garden house in white


Pure White A05.0.0

Strip wide

Garden house in modern gray


Mid Grey A21.5.1

Strip wide

HPL garden shed in anthracite RAL 7016 Trespa


Anthracite Grey A25.8.1

Door: Carmine Red

The garden house modern in red


Carmine Red A12.3.7

Strip wide

Garden cabinet Lime-green with green roof Anthracite Grey


Lime GreenA37.0.8

Door: Anthracite Grey

Garden shed HPL in RAL 7016 with lime green door'


Anthracite Grey A25.8.1

Door: lime green

Garden house wood look


Woodstone NW29

Strip wide

More colors


Color palette

More colors

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