Garden house themes

Trash box, garden cabinet & garden shed in salty sea air

Thu 04 May 2023-from Jens Armbrüster

Properties near the coast often struggle with building and outdoor storage solutions weathering too quickly. What solutions offer long-term enjoyment here?

Salty sea air is aggressive and attacks both wood and metal. Thus, the need for renovation is significantly higher for houses near the sea than for properties inland. This also applies to garden sheds, trash boxes, outdoor cabinets, and even the robotic mower garage. Solutions made of HPL can be an alternative here ... read more here


Heat pump cladding :: Sound insulation and more!

Thu 22 Dec 2022-From Markus Scholz

You want your heat pump away in front of your house or in your garden? At best with additional sound insulation? Then there are many chic and maintenance-free options from the company Garten[Q] . The highlight: If you have further storage needs (e.g. for garbage cans, bicycles or even just the mailbox), you can add even more functionality to your heat pump cladding in a uniform design. Find out more here!

Rollator Box | Rollator Garage

Fri 17 Dec 2021-From Markus Scholz

Always at hand: Your rollator and other walking aids in the Garten[Q] rollator garage Various. The modern rollator box is a real eye-catcher in front of your house. Whether in wood look or modern design.

Parcel Box | Parcel Box

Wed 05 Feb 2020-From Markus Scholz

Open 24h! Your parcel box accepts all parcels for you.

Whether stand-alone or as an integrated parcel box in your garbage can, the parcel box from Garten[Q] accepts all parcels. Simply come home and be surprised. The annoying search for your deliveries is no longer necessary.

Barbecue cabinet | Barbecue cover | Gas barbecue garage

Tue 04 Jun 2019-From Markus Scholz

Who does not know this? Where to put the bulky gas grill? Usually only a grill cover or gas grill garage protects from rain

But if you are looking for a chic, modern and weatherproof barbecue shelter, you will find it here. The Garden[Q]Various is a flexible barbecue cabinet that not only protects your barbecue, but also makes an attractive design element in your garden or on your terrace.

Garden Box | Garden Chest - [Q]

Wed 26 Jul 2017-From Markus Scholz

You have a small garden? You still have a lot to store? Seat cushions, lawn mower, children's toys, tools and grill?

The perfect garden box for you is the garden box from Garten[Q]. You get much more stowed in a small footprint than in a comparably sized garden chest. Why? - See for yourself ...

Outdoor cabinet

Sun 01 Apr 2018-From Markus Scholz

Are you interested in an outdoor cabinet? It should be weatherproof and easy to clean, but also attractive and therefore preferably not made of plastic, sheet metal, metal or wood?

A cabinet for outdoor use can be weatherproof and still be a real design element. We use high-quality and lightfast HPL panels from the market leader Trespa or toughened safety glass. The patented Garten[Q] principle ensures more order and storage space in a small footprint.

Gartana | Gardomo | Garden main actor vs. Garten[Q]

Wed 26 Jul 2017-From Markus Scholz

Which modern garden house solution is the best for you? This comparison shows the advantages of the Garten[Q] compared to a garden house from e.g. Gartana, Gardomo or garden main actor

"Smaller" does not mean "worse"! We know that at least since computers in the form of cell phones fit in our pockets. Gartana, Gardomo or Gartenhauptdarsteller build high-quality and chic design garden houses. Is habitability important to you or rather the idea of order when storing your garden utensils?