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Heat pump cladding :: Sound insulation and more!

22.12.2022 10:39
from Markus Scholz
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The chic cladding for your heat pump
Heat pumps cover and heat pumps sound insulation
Heat pump enclosure with integrated package box
Heat pump cladding
Heat pump cladding

Heat pump enclosure - but chic!

This is now possible! The patented storage system of Garten[Q] has been extended by a new option: The cladding of your heat pump under the modern Garten[Q]Various. In doing so, you can take full advantage of the modular and flexible Garten[Q] spectrum.

The Garden[Q]Various is perfect for attractively cladding heat pumps. This heat pump enclosure is then completely weatherproof. You never have to paint again and you can choose from over 100 colors and decors. A variety of sizes and heights are available. You can incorporate other storage needs in the front yard or garden, such as trash cans, bicycles, package boxes, equipment cabinets, and more into your considerations. Your heat pump cladding can thus accommodate every conceivable cladding requirement from integrated doorbell systems to trash can storage. >> Info PDF with all sizes and information.

As an extension to the standard Various, which is used as a shelter for bicycles, gas grill, firewood and garden furniture, your model will receive openings for better air supply and exhaust in front of and behind your heat pump, depending on the need. The heat pump area can also receive sound insulation.

The patented multi-sided access of all Garten[Q] models allows you to easily access several sides of your heat pump. This simplifies access for maintenance.


Heat pump cover with sound insulation and more!

Heat pump cladding
Heat pump cladding

You can use your Garten[Q] to cover your heat pump outdoor unit in a visually attractive way. But you can also add numerous functionalities to the heat pump cover :

  • Sound insulation with polyethylene sheets, optional on the inner sides
  • Integrated trash can box for up to 240 liters trash cans
  • Bicycle garage
  • Parcel box
  • Mailbox, bell system
  • Shelter for gas grill, lawn mower, garden furniture
  • In conjunction with the Garten[Q] garden cabinets store all your garden tools, children's toys, seat cushions and much more
  • Roof greening with a planting depth of approx. 10 cm possible

The Garten[Q] system is modular and allows free configuration to your individual needs. It optionally combines your search for a heat pump enclosure with a modern and weatherproof storage solution for your garden or front yard.

Thus, although it is good if the heat pump is attractively and soundproofed cladding. But usually there are other needs, such as the placement of bicycles, garbage cans, mailbox, garden tools, and so on. If you want to choose a separate solution for each requirement, it becomes difficult in terms of overall design. This is where the flexible heat pump cover from Garten[Q] comes into play. - You outline your storage requirements and we work with you to design a visually appropriate heat pump cover that incorporates all other needs.

Want to design your own in advance? No problem: Select a model for your heat pump cover that you consider suitable with the help of the Garten[Q]Various info sheet. On request, we will send you a product catalog and a planning sheet that you can use to easily map out your own considerations. - Of course, we will also be happy to advise you personally at any stage.

Prices and a quote function can be found in our store. The options ventilation slots, sound insulation and height 1.88 m are currently only selectable in our store system for the Various-2 model, but are also available for all other Various and Trash models. Please contact us about your individual needs.

You can find more application examples and pictures on the product page of the Garten[Q]Various or in the customer gallery.