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Robot mower garage

A robotic mower is a welcome helper in a well-kept garden. Many of these little gardeners often stand in the garden without protection. This is how rain, hail, wind and sun affect your robotic lawnmower and shorten its lifespan. For better protection, we have developed the robotic lawnmower garage Garten[Q]Robo. It is made of environmentally friendly and permanently weatherproof material (HPL). It combines chic and modern design with excellent functionality.

The robotic lawnmower garage is completely maintenance free and never needs painting. Depending on the size of your robotic lawnmower, the Robo is available in two sizes (Robo-M and Robo-L). Our robotic lawnmower garage provides protection for robotic lawnmower and a visual highlight for its owner, which even after years still looks like the first day.


Robot garage robotic mower cabinet

Robot mower garage solo or with integrated storage space

For your robotic lawnmower Garten[Q] offers two options for safe storage: As a "solo robotic lawnmower garage" Robo, or as an integrated garage in a garden cabinet Garden[Q]Various-1. If additional storage space is needed, the Various-1 offers additional space for garden tools, cushions, toys or other. Depending on your taste, a green roof module can be installed, similar to a raised bed, which you can plant to your heart's content.

The "Solo robotic mower garage" Garten[Q]Robo is available in two sizes. Click on the "tabs" to get detailed information about the "robotic mower garage" or the "robotic mower cabinet".

The shelter for robotic mower

A robotic mower garage as a design element

The completely weatherproof shelter for your robotic lawnmower is made of sturdy and durable HPL Trespa panels. You will never have to paint or maintain it. Due to its weight (approx. 13 kg) you do not have to anchor it in the ground. Simply place the Robo in a suitable location. Tilt the Robo backwards or sideways if you need to make adjustments to your robotic lawnmower.

Outside dimensions: 66.5 cm roof length, 59 cm roof width, 35 cm height
Inside dimensions: 55 cm entry width, 63.7 cm entry depth, 32 cm entry height

Outside dimensions: 86.5 cm roof length, 74 cm roof width, 35 cm height
Inside dimensions: 70 cm entry width, 83.7 cm entry depth, 32 cm entry height

The garden [Q]Robo is available in 5 colors. The roof is always in a light gray. 10 years warranty.

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Garden cabinet with integrated robotic mower garage

Garden cabinet with integrated robotic mower garage

If additional storage space is required, you can equip the Various-1 garden cabinet with a robotic lawnmower garage. In this case, the left or right side receives an opening for driving in your robotic lawnmower.

Entry width 60 cm
Entry height 36 cm

With the help of shelves you can use the full height of the cabinet for storage. The Various-1 is available in 158 cm height or 120 cm height. A green roof module (height +12 cm) is also available.

For more information about your garden cabinet with integrated robotic mower garage, see the Garden[Q]Various info sheet under "Various-1".

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Lawn robot garage


Robotic lawnmowers are packed with state-of-the-art electronics, making them unimaginably sensitive to aggressive weather. Like the other Garten[Q] models, the Garten[Q]Robo robot garage is made of Trespa Meteon HPL panels and offers your robotic lawnmower years of protection. This material does not require extensive maintenance or treatment. Due to the high-quality coating in the color of your choice, the garage never needs to be painted, thus saving time and money!

Another plus point of our robotic lawnmower carport: assembly and installation are child's play! The body of the Garten[Q]Robo can be configured in the five standard colors Pure White / Mid Grey / Anthracite Grey / Carmine Red / Lime Green, whereby the roof panel is only available in Mid Grey as standard. However, if you would like other color options, please contact us.


Here are a few special Garden[Q]Robo features at a glance:

  • Completely maintenance-free thanks to HPL Trespa panels
  • Extremely stable and robust
  • 5 colors to choose from. More colors on request.
  • No anchoring in the subsoil necessary
  • Simple relocation
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Vandal-proof
  • No fading of colors
  • 10 years warranty

garden cabinet-quality.jpg

All maintenance-free models are manufactured in Bavaria by a special carpenter's workshop. They are made exclusively from the highest quality maintenance-free materials. Built by hand from Trespa (HPL), metal (stainless steel and aluminum) and coated multilayer panels.

The lawn mower garage Robo are mostly made of "Trespa Meteon". This is an HPL (high pressure laminate) that is ideal for outdoor use. Read: >> the Trespa Meteon info brochure

With a Garten[Q] you decide to an extremely high-quality product and get 10 years warranty.

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The data sheet

Use this data sheet with its dimensionsg to find the right robotic lawnmower garage for your model.
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Your modern robotic mower garage

Available in the 5 Garten[Q] standard colors with roof in Mid-Grey

Robot mower garage white


Pure White A05.0.0

Stripes narrow

Robot mower garage gray


Mid Grey A21.5.1

Stripes narrow

Garden cabinet anthracite


Anthracite Grey A25.8.1

Stripes narrow

Garden cabinet carmine red


Carmine Red A12.3.7

Stripes narrow

Robot Mower Garage Lime-green Green


Lime GreenA37.0.8

Stripes narrow