Select the size based on the dimensions of your robotic lawnmower. Make sure you have enough air space for easy entry.


Choose your desired color. The roof is always Mid-Grey, which is a medium gray.


Please choose a suitable selection to your delivery address.

363,90 incl. VAT plus shipping costs
Delivery time of your Garten[Q]Robo: 4 - 6 weeks

A robotic mower is a welcome helper in a well-tended garden. Unfortunately, many of these little gardeners stand around in the garden without protection or the owners have to tediously stow them away. In the long run, heat, rain, hail and wind take a toll on your robotic lawnmower and significantly shorten its lifespan. For these reasons we have developed the Garten[Q]Robo. It combines the typical Garten[Q] design with weatherproof materials (HPL-Trespa) and excellent functionality.

The Garten[Q]Robo is available in two sizes:

Outside dimensions: 66.5 cm roof length, 59 cm roof width, 35 cm height
Inside dimensions: 55 cm entry width, 63.7 cm entry depth, 32 cm entry height

Outside dimensions: 86.5 cm roof length, 74 cm roof width, 35 cm height
Inside dimensions: 70 cm entry width, 83.7 cm entry depth, 32 cm entry height

Our design robotic mower garage Garten[Q]Robo is quickly assembled and extremely stable. It does not need to be screwed or fastened to the ground. It is easily relocatable and can be easily folded back to operate the robot.

Delivery to Germany: Within one week (if color available).