Terrace privacy screen - storage space for two!

Terrace privacy screen as a cabinet

Two owners, one solution. The Garten[Q]Share terrace privacy screen is the ideal solution for apartment complexes, terraced houses and apartment buildings with small gardens and roof terraces. "Share your garden house" is the motto. Place the Garten[Q]Share privacy screen on your property line and use it from two sides. "Privacy screen with storage space" is the modern terrace divider.

If you agree with your neighbor, you can also make compartments continuous. One lawn mower and one garden hose for both properties. Why not?


Terrace divider modern

Patio privacy screen with storage space

TheGarten[Q]Share terrace screen is not only a real space miracle, but also the ideal garden cabinet solution for apartment complexes, terraced houses and apartment buildings with small gardens and roof terraces. Share your garden shed or patio closet. Place the Garten[Q]Share on your property line and use it from two opposite sides. This gives you compartments of different depths and storage space that you wouldn't otherwise actually have.

Floor plans and dimensions can be found in our information PDF.

Patio divider

Screen wall or divided garden house

The Garden[Q]Share is available in 4 different sizes. Use it as a privacy wall, terrace divider or as a garden house for you and your neighbor.

The Garten[Q]Share not only offers storage space, but with a height of 1.80 m (only with green roof module) is also ideally suited as a privacy screen. Due to its solid interior, it also offers a certain degree of sound insulation. A terrace partition with storage space!

All information and model sizes for the Garten[Q]Share can be found in this Info-PDF.

Terrace privacy screen

The modern terrace privacy screen made of maintenance-free HPL-Trespa

Extend your garden[Q]share with a custom privacy screen. Aluminum posts and maintenance-free Trespaplatten block the view into your garden. Color and design according to your garden[Q]share.

Please measure your desired privacy screen length and ask for a quote. We are also happy to offer you matching HPL-Trespa planters.

Garden cabinet roof planting

The terrace privacy screen "Share" with green roof module

The terrace privacy screenGarten[Q]Share is also available with a green roof module. Why not make a snail-free herb bed or increase the privacy screen with the help of natural greenery. With a green roof your privacy screen becomes almost invisible from above and you give back to your garden the green space lost through parking space.

In the case of the roof-covered Garten[Q] , a downpipe runs inside the cabinet and directs excess water to the ground. The depth of the tray is about 8 cm. You can also simply put flower pots or flower boxes inside.

With the help of the roof greening module, you can also get your privacy wall to a privacy height of 180 cm (For Share-2, -3, -4 models). However, the standard height remains 158 cm.


Garden cabinet terrace separator.jpg

The ideal solution for multi-party houses - the privacy wall from Garten[Q]

In apartment buildings with small garden areas or roof terraces, the stowage of gardening tools is a challenge. The terrace privacy screenGarten[Q]Share offers the optimal concept for this.

The solution is based on the space shared by two residential parties. The terrace privacy screen is placed centrally on the property line of two residential units. The residents open the Garten[Q] from their side and fill different depth compartments and shelving systems.

If, for example, a depth of 80 cm is available to each party, this means 1.40 m room depth for each unit as the depth of use. Larger equipment, such as lawn mowers, can then be stored by both parties despite a lack of space. If desired, even accessible to both sides together.


Here are a few special patio privacy screen features at a glance:

  • Lots of storage space in a small footprint
  • Two owners share one Garten[Q] (cost sharing)
  • Some degree of sound insulation due to solid interior
  • Simple, solid ground as a foundation
  • With and without green roof (for Share-2, -3, -4)
  • Maintenance-free (without painting)
  • Various sizes
  • Over 100 colors and decorations
  • Perfect use of space
  • Mostly no building permit required

You can find many more photos in our >> customer gallery

Footprint 4 variants
Total height approx. 158 cm or 180 cm (depending on version)
Maximum compartment height approx. 150 cm
Doors made of Trespa Meteon (thickness 8 mm) or ESG safety glass (8 mm)
Maintenance-free, vandalism-proof, lightfast (according to manufacturer's specifications)
5 standard colors and over 100 other colors and decors as well as glass in white
Design Wide or narrow stripe design
Roof construction
Flat roof construction covered with special UV roofing film
Floor construction Plastic-coated wooden base plate with height-adjustable feet. Substrate Solid, level substrate. (e.g. concrete slabs) Interior Plastic-coated multilayer wood panels. Very robust and durable. Can be reordered at any time. Building permit free Mostly yes (depending on municipality and installation site) Lockable With padlock or combination lock. On request also with cylinder lock. Delivery On disposable pallet in parts completely "pre-assembled": Roof and floor complete and doors already mounted on frame. Structure Easy self-assembly or on-site assembly service for an additional charge Dismantling / Reconstruction / Relocation Problem free possible Warranty 10 years Delivery time Standard color 4 - 6 weeks, special colors 6 - 8 weeks, decors and metallic 8 - 9 weeks

Quality garden shed garden cabinet trash box shelter seal


garden cabinet-quality.jpg

Our patio privacy screen promises high quality

All maintenance-free models are manufactured in Bavaria by a special carpenter's workshop. They are made exclusively from the highest quality maintenance-free materials. Built by hand from Trespa (HPL), metal (stainless steel and aluminum) and plastic-coated multi-layer wood panels.

The exterior walls are mostly made of "Trespa Meteon". This is an HPL (high pressure laminate) that is ideal for outdoor use. Please read: >> the Trespa Meteon info brochure

Inside, the Garten[Q]Share patio privacy screen is made of plastic-coated screen-printed panels. These are characterized by their extraordinary robustness. There it also does not matter if something is put in damp or dirty. The plates are easy to wipe and very stable!

With a patio divider from Garten[Q] you choose an extremely high quality product and get 10 years warranty.

>> More information about Garten[Q] production


Share Catalog

Learn everything about the garden[Q]Share. We have packed all the floor plans, variations and everything you need to know into this PDF. You can save it or print it out conveniently.
The Garden[Q]Share Catalog

Garten[Q] Catalog

Get an overview of our offer. Garden houses, garden cabinets, shelters, bicycle garages, garbage can boxes.
Garten[Q] Catalog (5MB)

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Suitable design for any environment

5 standard colors, 2 different stripe designs and over 100 other colors and decorations

Garden cabinet white


Pure White A05.0.0

Stripe Wide

Terrace divider white


Pure White A05.0.0

Stripes narrow

Patio divider gray


Mid Grey A21.5.1

Strip wide

Garden house Antranzith


Antrancite Grey A25.8.1

Strip wide

Terrace cabinet red


Carmine Red A12.3.7

Strip wide

Terrace cabinet green


Lime-Green A37.0.8

Green roof Anthracite Grey

Glass terrace cabinet


Safety glass

White/ stripe wide

More colors


Color palette

More colors

Are you interested in a privacy screen "Share"? We will gladly advise you

Our privacy screen with storage space is available in different variants, so that this is also ideal for your needs. If you are interested, please contact us by phone at 089/244 1841-0 or by mail at We look forward to hearing from you!