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Shelter modern enclosure

The Garden[Q]Various shelter models simply store everything! They serve as a bicycle garage, wood shelter, gas grill shelter or as an enclosure for your pool and garden equipment or for storing your garden furniture. The "Various" shelter is available in 4 different sizes and two different heights. Available in over 100 colors and decors and of course maintenance free.


Variable shelters for a wide variety of applications.

Pool equipment, garden equipment and bulky equipment can be easily stored in the Garden[Q]Various shelter. It consists of aluminum frames, which are screwed directly onto your slab decking. There are doors on at least three sides. You decide on which sides there should be fixed walls. All materials are completely maintenance free. You will never have to paint again.

The typical Garten[Q] design is again available with either a wide or narrow striped look. Either way, there is no better way to hide your equipment, furniture, pool technology, bicycles and everything else.

The Garten[Q]Various series offers many possibilities. We would also be happy to advise you on your solution: Phone: +49 (0)89 - 244 1841-0
For further information please refer to the info sheet

Garden cabinet pump lining

The small shelter: pool technical house or wooden shelter.

Stow bulky equipment or stow pool and garden equipment in your Various-2 shelter. Size: 158 cm wide, 80 cm deep and 158 or 120 cm high.

By default, the Various-2 has two doors on the front and a wooden back wall. On the narrow sides you can use wooden walls or choose doors and a barrier-free slide-in from the side. Choose the ideal solution for you from various options in our store.

You can find all information and possibilities in our >> Info-PDF

Enclosure narrow

Enclosure long, narrow and beautiful

The three module stows equipment over two meters. The Various-3 has a size of: 234 cm wide, 80 cm deep and 158 cm or 120 cm high.
Beer benches, 2 bicycles, garden loungers and much more are chicly stowed.
By default, the enclosure has 3 doors on the front. But you can also have access from the narrow sides. Which doors should be used and whether the back wall should also be openable, you decide during the configuration in our store.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Even a sketch that you send to us can be helpful in the consultation.

Shelter as a cube small

The modern enclosure as a cube

A cube-shaped enclosure with an edge length of 158 cm is suitable for many things. The Various-4 is a real design element and stores pool equipment, garbage cans, garden furniture and firewood. You decide which of the four double doors you want to open on which sides.

The modern bicycle garage or bicycle shelter

The modern bicycle garage: The garden[Q]Various-XL / XXL

Conveniently store up to four bikes on: 234 cm width, 158 cm depth and 158 cm or 120 cm height. Garden[Q]Various-XL is the modern bicycle garage. It is best placed against a wall or fence. Alternatively, it can be free-standing, in which case you should also cover the back with Trespa.

It would be perfect if you could slide the bikes in from the two short sides. This makes a bike garage fun! Nothing to hang up or maneuver around, just open the door and pull out.

NEW: The Garden[Q]Various-XXL for up to 6 bikes or large bulky items. Size: 234 cm long, 234 cm wide and 158 cm or 120 cm high.

>> Info sheet garden[Q]Various

The large bicycle garage for all bulky things

The great e-bike garage: The garden[Q]Various-XXL

Conveniently store up to six bikes or 3 wide e-bikes on 234 cm width, 234 cm depth and 158 cm or 120 cm height. The garden[Q]Various-XXL is a large e-bike garage or suitable for many bulky things. However, not as big and powerful as a garden shed.

It would be perfect if you could slide the bikes in from two opposite sides. 3 wide electric bikes find space behind the 3 doors on a sete. This makes a bike garage fun! Nothing to hang up or move around, just open the door and pull out.

The Various is also suitable for electric bikes. The closed walls are ideal for mounting sockets or a wall box. A versatile electric bike garage in which you can, with the help of a partition also additionally store trash cans or firewood. Perfect for any front garden.

>> Info sheet garden[Q]Various

Shelter system with green roof module

The shelter "Various" with planting roof

Garden[Q]Various shelter is also available with green roof module (except Various-M, -L, XL, XXL). Why not make yourself a snail-free herb bed? With a green roof your shelter becomes almost invisible from above and you give back to your garden the green space lost through parking space.

In the green roof shelter, a downpipe runs inside the shelter and directs excess water to the ground. The planting depth of the tub is about 8 cm. In total, your Various increases by 12 cm to 132 / 170 cm.

For the planter you can choose your own color. Of course, a single color solution is also selectable. Try different color combinations in our configurator.

the modern bike shelter

Roof extension as additional shelter

Those who have the space can extend their Garten[Q] with a shelter at the back. The "BackShed" extends the roof by 78 cm or 154 cm to the rear.

Your "BackShed" stores bulky things like garden furniture, gas grill and is a great bike shelter. You can also conveniently store firewood or building materials.

For more information, please refer to the info sheet.

Garden cabinet shelter

The modular enclosure: Combine according to your wishes

An important aspect of the Garten[Q] shelter Various is the free combinability with other Garten[Q] products.

So you can also combine several enclosures Garten[Q]Various with each other. Or also place the Various-3 with a Garten[Q]Teras-XL back to back.

OTHER: For all Various models there is a shelf insert. It is integrated in the width of a front door and is equipped with 3 shelves. Let us advise you about the possibilities. Phone: +49 (0)89 - 244 1841-0
For more information, please see the info sheet

If you buy more than one Garten[Q] model, you will receive a 5% discount on everything! Shipping costs are excluded.

The modular shelter made of Trespa HPL

Flexible enclosure for your needs

The Garten[Q]Various is the modular, variable shelter for outdoor storage. No matter what you want to store or enclose, the ingenious frame system of the Garten[Q]Various offers a solution.

Combine garden shed, garden cabinet and shelter in a neat and visually appealing way that is second to none.

Use doors on different sides to remove your set devices easily and conveniently. Place walls to hang or attach things. Integrate a shelving system for things that should not be on the floor. Create a solution gladly also in a consultation with us.

>> You can find all information in this Info-PDF


Here are a few special shelter features at a glance:

  • Access via one to three pages
  • Variable applicable
  • Maintenance-free (without painting)
  • Use of robust walls for mounting
  • Lockable (on request also with cylinder locks)
  • Flat roof, smart roof or green roof module
  • Modular expandable
  • over 100 colors and decorations
  • Many variants

>> You can find all information in this Info-PDF


You can find many more photos in our >> customer gallery

Footprint 6 different sizes available
Total height Selectable between 120 cm, 140 cm, 158 cm and 188 cm
Doors made of Trespa Meteon (HPL, thickness 8 mm) or ESG safety glass (8 mm)
Maintenance-free, vandalism-proof, lightfast (according to manufacturer's specifications)
5 standard colors and over 100 other colors wood, natural and metallic decors at extra cost.
Design Wide or narrow stripe design
Roof construction
Flat roof construction covered with special UV roof foil or green roof module. (Height +12 cm)
Floor construction No floor construction, feet are screwed to the substrate. Important is a completely level surface! Back wall Plastic-coated wooden back panel (dark brown) and Trespa cladding or doors on request. Substrate Solid, level substrate. (e.g. concrete slabs) Interior Plastic-coated multilayer wood panels as insertable walls behind the doors or as an extension a shelf insert. Building permit free Mostly yes (depending on municipality and installation site) Lockable With padlock or combination lock. On request also with triangular, square or cylinder lock. Delivery On disposable pallet in parts completely "pre-assembled": Roof and floor complete and doors already mounted on frame. Structure Self-assembly or assembly service on site for an additional charge Dismantling / conversion / relocation Possible Warranty 10 years Delivery time Standard color 4 - 6 weeks, special colors 6 - 8 weeks, decors and metallic 8 - 9 weeks

Quality garden shed garden cabinet trash box shelter seal


garden cabinet-quality.jpg

Rely on the quality of our shelter

All Garten[Q]Various models are manufactured in Bavaria by a special carpenter's workshop. The shelters are made exclusively from the highest quality, maintenance-free materials. Built by hand from Trespa (HPL), metal (stainless steel and aluminum) and plastic-coated multi-layer wood panels.

The exterior walls are mostly made of "Trespa Meteon". This is an HPL (high pressure laminate) that is ideal for outdoor use. Please read: >> the Trespa Meteon info brochure

With a Garten[Q] shelter you choose an extremely high quality product and get a 10-year warranty.

>> More information about Garten[Q] production


The info sheet

Learn everything about this Garten[Q] model. We have packed all the floor plans, variants and everything you need to know into this PDF. You can save it or conveniently print it out.
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Garten[Q] Catalog

Get an overview of our offer. Garden houses, garden cabinets, shelters, bicycle garages, garbage can boxes.
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Planning aid

"Tinker" your solution.
The Easy :: planning aid helps you
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opening options.

Planning sheet as PDF

Shelters for any purpose

4 model sizes, 5 standard colors, glass, 2 different stripe designs and over 100 other colors and decors.

Barbecue shelter Weber barbecue garage

Various-1 with green roof

Anthracite Grey A25.8.1

80 cm width, 80 cm depth, 142 / 170 cm height

Shelter red narrow


Carmin Red A21.3.7

158 cm width, 80 cm depth, 120 / 158 cm height

Shelter gray metal

Various-2 with green roof

Mid Grey A21.5.1

158 cm width, 80 cm depth, 132 / 170 cm height

A cabinet for pool equipment in anthracite


Anthracite Grey A25.8.1

234 cm width, 80 cm depth, 120 / 158 cm height

Shelter with glass doors

Various 3

Glass doors

234 cm width, 80 cm depth, 158 cm height

Wooden shelter with doors


Special color: Taupe A10.6.1

234 cm width, 80 cm depth, 120 / 158 cm height

Shelter in anthracite


Lime Green A37.0.8

158 cm width, 158 cm depth, 120 / 158 cm height

The barbecue shelter


Carmine Red A21.3.7

158 cm width, 100 cm depth, 140 cm height

The gas grill garage


Special color: Charcoal Grey A19.7.1

158 cm width, 140 cm depth, 140 cm height

bike box in white


Pure White 05.0.0

234 cm width, 158 cm depth, 120 / 158 cm height

weatherproof bike box


Mid Grey A25.8.1

234 cm width, 158 cm depth, 120 / 158 cm height

Bicycle garage for 6 bikes


Anthracite Grey A25.8.1

234 cm width, 234 cm depth, 120 / 158 cm height

The garden q colors


Color palette

More colors

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