Garden house without building permit

Garden houses without building permit

Garden house without building permit

Looking for a garden shed or shed without a building permit?

Garten[Q] Garden sheds are much smaller than "walk-in" garden sheds, but far more receptive. Also, at about 158 cm, far less high and powerful. In addition, they are not firmly anchored, but, like "garden boxes", stand on height-adjustable feet.

The following garden house variants require less than 10m² floor space and under 10m³ enclosed space. In this size range, there is almost never a need for a building permit for a garden house or a tool shed.

Small garden house with modern design

Tool shed, garden shed without building permit

Plots of land are getting smaller and smaller, and gardens border directly on gardens. Of course, one or the other neighbor feels disturbed by your 2.60 m high garden house.

Garten[Q] Tool sheds, garden cabinets and garden sheds are different. They move the accessibility to the outside and can thus use the entire interior as storage space. Thereby you are usually only 158 cm high, much smaller and still store 4x as much as a walk-in garden shed with building permit.

Fixation and poured foundation are not necessary at all. Simply place your tool shed on a solid level surface. Height-adjustable feet make your garden shed mobile. Easy dismantling and rebuilding is possible.

Find out about the complete Garten[Q] product range. You are sure to find a solution for your outdoor storage space.

equipment house small and structured

Garden houses with direct access through several sides

Optimal use of space and maximum tidiness is offered to you by the three-sidedness of the small garden house Garten[Q]Pure. However, remember to leave enough space (approx. 70 cm) around the garden shed. The division of compartments allows you to place large bulky equipment as well as small parts and long-handled equipment.

Thanks to the structured filling up to the roof, you can store up to 4x as much as in a comparably sized garden shed.

By the way, 3 - 2 sides access is enough to conveniently get to all the equipment. You can conveniently place your small garden shed against a wall or fence.

You can find floor plans and dimensions for each model in our download area.

The garden house with green roof

The garden house with green roof module
The Garten[Q] is also available with a green roof module. Why not make yourself a snail-free herb bed? With a green roof, your small garden house becomes almost invisible from above and you give back to your garden the green space lost through parking space.

In the case of the roof-covered Garten[Q] , a downpipe runs inside the cabinet and directs excess water to the ground. The depth of the tray is about 8 cm. You can also simply put flower pots or flower boxes inside.

With the help of the green roof module, you can also get your small garden house to a privacy height of 180 cm. However, the standard height remains 158 cm.

If you order a green roof, you can determine your own color for the fascia (above) and the modified floor construction (below). This gives your Garten[Q] a very unique look.

Unobtrusive garden house back wall

Unobtrusive back wall to the neighbor

Many of the garden houses from Garten[Q] , which do not require a building permit, have an inconspicuous rear wall as standard. It consists of a dark brown, plastic-coated multilayer wood panel.

So if you put your Garten[Q] against a garden fence, the back is just dark and inconspicuous.

Of course, you can also paint the back wall with a great color and additionally cover it with an HPL Trespa panel.

So, provided that you are only looking for a modern accommodation for your garden tools and some other garden utensils, you should not worry too much about obtaining a building permit for your solution. There is a good chance that you will be able to get by without a building permit here.

However, you can only be completely sure if you check with the responsible building authority and/or your property management (regarding certain regulations for the residential complex) before installing the garden house.

Because there is no blanket answer as to whether a building permit is required in your case. The regulations for erecting a tool shed or a garden shed vary greatly from region to region. The need for a building permit for a garden shed is governed by the federally regulated planning law and the respective state building code. The concrete regulations are even completely different from place to place. For example, it depends on the enclosed space of the summer house. In Flensburg, building permits are required from 30m³, in Schwerin from 20m³. Furthermore, it depends on whether a foundation or a concreted base plate forms the foundation of the garden or tool shed. Also, as a rule, only one garden house may be erected per plot and the garden house must not be suitable for permanent living. The location of the garden shed or tool shed often plays a role as well. If, for example, a garden shed is placed directly on a property line, the neighbor may successfully object to this placement. Under certain circumstances, certain garden sheds and tool sheds may only be erected within the development boundaries of the development plan. - In the end, you can only be really sure if you make an inquiry to the responsible building authority before purchasing and erecting the shed.

Sometimes regulations may also have been made in the declarations of partition of residential complexes that contain restrictions on the use of special property. In case of doubt, it is also helpful to talk personally with the neighbors directly affected. If you take their interests into account, you will significantly reduce the risk of complicated legal disputes with an uncertain outcome.

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The information provided here largely applies to all federal states. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the regulations are a matter for the federal states and that different regulations may still apply regionally within the federal states. Therefore, a search for garden shed without building permit plus one of the following federal states seems reasonable: Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, Saarland Also the construction of a tool shed may be subject to individual regulations of states or cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Wiesbaden, Munich, Cologne Dortmund, Essen, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Kiel, Nuremberg, Dresden or Darmstadt.


small design garden house made of glass and metal

Advantages of our garden houses without building permit

  • Less high
  • Less volume
  • More order
  • Mostly the possibility of a green roof
  • Over 100 colors and decorations or glass
  • Ideal for small gardens, front gardens and roof terraces
  • Top quality "made in Germany
  • Maintenance-free / weatherproof
  • Mostly no building permit required
  • No poured foundation or fixing to the ground necessary
  • Possible dismantling and reconstruction
  • On site installation service

garden cabinet-quality.jpg

Our garden houses, tool sheds and garden cabinets, which do not require building permits, are manufactured in Bavaria by a special carpenter's workshop and pre-assembled for you. This means that all complex parts, such as floor and roof construction are completely assembled ready. Even the doors are already mounted on the support frame together with all the locking parts. You just have to screw your small garden house together.

The exterior walls are mostly made of "Trespa Meteon". This is an HPL (high pressure laminate) that is ideal for outdoor use. Please read: >> the Trespa Meteon info brochure

Inside, the garden house without a building permit is made of plastic-coated multi-layer wood panels. These are characterized by their extraordinary robustness. Since it does not matter if something damp or dirty is put inside. The panels are easy to wipe and very stable!

With a Garten[Q] you decide to an extremely high-quality product and get 10 years warranty.

>> Pictures from the Garten[Q] production


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Garden houses usually free of building permit

5 standard colors, 2 different stripe designs, glass and over 100 other colors and decors

Garden cabinet white


Pure White A05.0.0

Stripes narrow

Roof terrace cabinet in gray


Mid Grey A21.5.1

Stripe Wide

Garden cabinet Lime-green

PURE with green roof

Lime Green A37.0.8

Green roof Anthracite Grey

Garden cabinet gray


Mid Grey A21.5.1

Stripes narrow

Garden cabinet anthracite

TERAS with green roof

Anthracite Grey A25.8.1

Strip wide

Garden house in carmine red


Carmine Red A12.3.7

Stripe Wide

Garden cabinet Lime-green with green roof Anthracite Grey

TERAS with green roof

Lime GreenA37.0.8

Green roof Anthracite Grey

Garden cabinet with standard door variant 'safety glass

TERAS toughened glass

Safety glass

White / Stripe wide

More colors


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