Garden house for roof terraces

Garden cabinet or garden shed for roof terrace and front garden

The garden house for roof terrace and front garden

Do you need storage space on your roof terrace or are you looking for a small garden shed for your front garden ? You've come to the right place! We have rethought the topic of "outdoor storage". The result is garden shed and garden cabinet solutions that offer plenty of storage space and take up less room than conventional products.

Especially on roof terraces and in front gardens there is a lot to store, but only limited space. At Garten[Q] you will find garden cabinets from 158 cm wide and a depth from 40 cm (on your property, for model Share). Also, the flexible height ensures that you will find a solution ideal for your needs: In modern design, weather-resistant and high quality in over 100 colors and decors. Find out more in our product section and configure your garden cabinet or garden shed in our store!

The ingenious equipment cabinet for roof lawns

The small garden house for roof terrace and front garden

The first thing we paint is the walkability of your garden shed. The unused air space only consumes storage space and makes your garden house / garden closet much too high and powerful. Then we open the Garten[Q] from several sides and can fill it in shelves up to the roof. This is the patented Garten[Q] order principle. Open the door and take out what is needed without searching or tidying around. The lower height of mostly 158 cm does not block your view or darken the terrace.

All Garten[Q] models with floor have height-adjustable feet and can compensate for unevenness and slopes on your roof terrace. You can simply place it on the slab decking. Due to its complex interior and high quality materials, your roof terrace cabinet is heavy and does not need extra fastening. The doors can be secured against strong wind.

Store tools, flower pots, seat cushions, grill and children's toys neatly and structured on your roof terrace.

As you can see, Garten[Q] garden cabinets and garden houses are ideal for placement on roof terraces or in front gardens.

Garden box for roof terraces and front gardens

Storage space on roof terraces and in front gardens

Depending on the space, there are different sizes Garten[Q] models. Choose from different garden cabinets and garden houses, but keep in mind the space gained by the multi-sidedness. So if possible, leave about 70 cm space on the sides.

Garden cabinet narrow: The garden[Q]Teras (158 x 80 x 158 / 180 cm W x D x H)

Terrace cabinet large: The garden[Q]Teras-XL (234 x 80 x 158 / 180 cm W x D x H)

The small garden house: The garden[Q]Pure (158 x 158 x 158 cm W x D x H)

The garden shed with flat roof: The garden[Q]Pure-XL (234 x 158 x 158 cm W x D x H)

Shelters of all kinds: The garden[Q]Various

The roof terrace garden house with green roof

The roof terrace garden house with green roof module

The Garten[Q] is also available with a green roof module. Why not make a snail-free herb bed on your roof terrace? With a green roof, your garden house becomes almost invisible from above and you give back to your front garden the green space lost through parking space.

In the case of the roof-covered Garten[Q] , a downpipe runs inside the cabinet and directs excess water to the ground. The depth of the tray is about 8 cm. You can also simply put flower pots or flower boxes inside.

With the help of the green roof module, you can also get your small garden house to a privacy height of 180 cm. However, the standard height remains 158 cm.

If you order a green roof, you can determine your own color for the fascia (above) and the modified floor construction (below). This gives your Garten[Q] a very unique look.

Garden shed order with integrated drawers

Roof terrace garden shed accessories: the integrated drawers.

Order as many drawers as you like for your roof terrace garden house right away. (Not available for all models)

Store small parts and tools in sturdy and large drawers as well. These are made of plastic-coated multilayer wood panels and have a chic Trespa trim on the front in your door color or trim color for green roof module.

The garden cabinet for large terraces

Due to its intelligent storage concept and modern design, the small garden sheds and tool sheds from Garten[Q] are particularly suitable for front gardens, roof terraces and small gardens.

The garden shed is accessible from several sides and thanks to a flexible interior division uses the entire space for storage of all garden tools. Thus, all things are neatly stored in the smallest space. Therefore, to get to a rake, you do not have to first move aside a bicycle and a lawn mower.

The cabinet system inside the tool shed also gives you order and structure in the smallest space. In addition, no space is wasted for walkability. It does not matter whether you use the Garten[Q] in mini-gardens as a patio cabinet variant or in the small garden shed variant "Pure-XL", which is also suitable for bicycle storage. In many urban areas you have the problem that gardens are smaller and smaller.

The Garten[Q] is much less powerful and has a storage concept for garden tools that does not take unnecessary space from the garden or a terrace, or even oppressive. Therefore, the garden shed is also ideal for installation in the front garden or on a roof terrace. Perfect is a solution in combination with the garden [Q]Trash. It is the modern trash can house / trash can box in Garten[Q] design.


The ideal cabinet for the roof terrace

Here are a few roof terrace cabinet features at a glance:

  • Very much storage space on a small footprint
  • More order
  • Over 100 colors and decorations or glass
  • Ideal for small gardens, front gardens and roof terraces
  • Top quality "made in Germany
  • Maintenance-free
  • Stormproof without additional anchoring
  • Easily secure doors from the wind
  • Kit can be transported in individual parts
  • Easy assembly and disassembly or on-site assembly service

garden cabinet-quality.jpg

Garden house roof terrace in the best quality

The Garten[Q] is manufactured in Bavaria by a special carpentry and pre-assembled for you. This means that all complex parts, such as floor and roof construction are completely assembled ready. Even the doors are already mounted on the support frame together with all locking parts. You just have to screw your small garden house together.

The exterior walls are mostly made of "Trespa Meteon". This is an HPL (high pressure laminate) that is ideal for outdoor use. Please read: >> the Trespa Meteon info brochure

Inside, the small garden house is made of plastic-coated multilayer wood panels. These are characterized by their extraordinary robustness. There it also does not matter if something damp or dirty is put inside. The boards are easy to wipe and very stable!

With a Garten[Q] you choose an extremely high quality product and get 10 years warranty.

>> More information about Garten[Q] production

Garden houses for roof terraces and front gardens

5 standard colors, 2 different stripe designs, glass and over 100 other colors and decors

Glass cabinet for roof terraces


Glass doors

Strip wide

Roof terrace cabinet in gray


Mid Grey A21.5.1

Stripe Wide

Garden cabinet for roof terraces anthracite

TERAS with green roof

Anthracite Grey A25.8.1

Strip wide

Garden house in carmine red


Carmine Red A12.3.7

Stripe Wide

Garden cabinet Lime-green

PURE with green roof

Lime Green A37.0.8

Green roof Anthracite Grey

Glass garden cabinet


Safety glass

White / Stripe wide

Special decor Wood

TERAS in wood decor

Country Wood NW13

Stripes narrow

More colors


Trespa color palette

More colors