Design garden house

Design garden house, rethought.

Design garden house

Are you looking for an alternative to the normal log cabin style wooden garden houses? Should it perhaps be something less romantic? Then a design garden house from Garten[Q] can be the solution. A garden house from Garten[Q] impresses with a modern, well thought-out design. Thus, design garden houses impress with clear shapes and at the same time convince with a cleverly thought-out storage space division inside.

Our patented storage concept offers you many possibilities to store your garden tools or equipment safely and protected from the weather. Thanks to the modern and at the same time timeless design of our garden houses, they can also be combined with any architectural style.


Garden shed design also for bicycles

Design garden house - compact and with enough storage space

Behind our design garden house is the idea to develop a garden house that looks modern, does not take up too much space and still offers enough storage space for all garden utensils. This has resulted in our different garden house variants, which are 4 x more receptive than comparably large garden houses. Access is possible via two or, if it is not placed directly in a corner, even via three sides. In our design garden house can be stored everything - from tools to garden furniture or depending on the model, even bicycles.

The designer garden house made of glass in a small version

The designer garden wardrobe for small gardens and housing complexes

If you have limited floor space, our smallest models offer you maximum storage space for garden tools and more. (from 158 x 80 x 158 cm)

Variations of this designer garden cabinet are available with access from one to three sides. If desired, you can also get a green roof module.

For more information about the ingenious tool cabinet Garten[Q]Teras and Teras-XL in all variants, please refer to our product overview. Choose a suitable model and configure the appropriate garden cabinet in our store configurator.

The shed design without painting weatherproof

Garden shed design perfectly matches modern architecture:

On a footprint of 250 x 250 cm at the design garden shed Garten[Q]Primus you have not only a "walk-in room" for bulky equipment, but also, if desired, a large integrated shelving system with direct access from the outside.

Compartments can be individually designed and labeled if desired. So every tool and every lawn mower finds its place.

Modern striped design and a color selection of over 100 colors and decors allow perfect integration into the surrounding architecture. Thanks to the high quality materials (HPL, aluminum and stainless steel), this shed will never need to be painted again.

More information about the garden [Q]Primus.

Design bicycle garage and shelters

Design shelters for everything: bulky things, bicycles, pool equipment or firewood.

Each Garten[Q]Various model (HPL) is also available in a version without interior and without floor construction. The Garden[Q]Various is a barrier-free shelter for storing bulky toys, vehicles or equipment.

These shelters are available in different sizes and designs. With or without green roof and in two different heights. (158 cm or 120 cm)

Everything about the modern shelter Garden[Q]Various you can find here on our website.

All information, sizes and compartment divisions in the Info PDF.

The wooden garden house design

The design wooden garden shed : the garden[Q]Multi

Perfect for those who need to store a lot. The garden[Q]Multi is a designer wooden garden house in pent roof look.

As a garden shed or tool shed, the Garten[Q]Multi offers a cost-effective solution with a structured storage system. The Garten[Q] concept with its access from several sides gives considerably more storage space here than in a conventional walk-in design garden shed.

All information about the pent roof garden house Garten[Q]Multi and its variants can be found here on our homepage.

Design garden houses modular combined

Design garden houses combinations.

An important aspect of Garten[Q] products (HPL) is free combinability with other Garten[Q] models.

The shelters can also be connected to your garden cabinet. This will give you even more storage space and functionality. Let us advise you about the possibilities.

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The design garden house Garten[Q] principle

Garden shed design to store your garden utensils

Especially in cities, gardens are often relatively small and it is difficult to accommodate a garden shed in the already limited space. Our design garden houses offer you storage space in the smallest possible space through a structured interior layout.

In addition, almost all of our garden house design models are completely maintenance-free. Painting or complicated care of components is not necessary. Thus, a possibly higher purchase price is relativized over the period of use and the garden house design offers you fun and functionality for many years. A combination of our models is also possible, so that you can create the ideal storage space for you. We would be happy to advise you on this.


Garden house modern in glass and weatherproof

  • Integrated shelving systems with freely adjustable shelves for optimum use of space
  • Over 100 colors and decorations or safety glass doors
  • With and without green roof module
  • Perfect garden shed design to modern architecture
  • Completely maintenance free (never paint again)
  • Vandal-proof
  • Mostly no building permit required
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • 10 years warranty

    (does not apply to the wooden models)

Design garden house quality in Bavaria.jpgDesigner garden house in best quality

Thanks to the best quality and high-quality workmanship, a design garden shed will bring you many years of fun and functionality in your outdoor space. You can store your garden tools, give your children's bicycles or toys a place or optimally protect your gas grill from moisture. Depending on the model, you can also walk on the design garden house and store your bicycles or similar. There are no limits to your imagination.

The exterior walls are mostly made of "Trespa Meteon". This is an HPL (high pressure laminate) that is ideal for outdoor use. For example, it is easy to clean in case of vandalism. Please read the Trespa Meteon info brochure.

Inside, the garden[Q]s is made of plastic-coated multilayer wood panels. These are characterized by their extraordinary robustness. There it also does not matter if something is put in damp or dirty. The plates are easy to wipe and very stable!

Assemble your design garden house according to your wishes. You get 10 years warranty. Pictures of Garten[Q] production


Garten[Q] Catalog

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Suitable models for every need

5 standard colors, 2 different stripe designs and over 100 other colors and decorations

Kita garden house wood look white


HPL wood decor

250 x 250 x 250 cm

Daycare garden house in anthracite


Anthracite Grey with Carmine Red

250 x 250 x250 cm

The small garden house in white


Pure white with wide stripes

234 x 158 x 158 cm


Mid Grey

158 x 158 x 158 cm

Garden cabinet Lime-green with green roof Anthracite Grey


Carmine Red/h4>

234 x 80 x 158 cm

Garden cabinet Lime-green with green roof for daycare centers and kindergartens


With green roof module

158 x 80 x 158 cm

Garbage can boxes for kindergartens and daycare centers


Garbage can boxes

234 x 80 x 158 cm

Glass garden cabinet


Safety glass

White / Stripe wide

Special decor Wood


Country Wood NW13

Stripes narrow

More colors


Color palette

More colors

You want a design garden house? We at Garten Q will be happy to advise you

We have aroused your interest in a design garden house from Garten[Q] ? Do you perhaps already have your eye on a particular model? Do you still have questions about the equipment or the design? Then contact us and this is how you can reach us: Phone: +49 (0)89 339 8124 80, E-Mail:

Would you like to see our design garden houses in the flesh? Then drop by our showroom at Schleitzer Erlebnisgarten in Enterstraße 23 in 80999 Munich. Or to one of our sales partners. We will be happy to show you on site what distinguishes a design garden house from Garten[Q] in detail.