The color selection

Choose your favorite color from 5 standard colors. You can also, for an extra charge, choose from the entire Trespa Meteon color palette. There is the UNI color palette, Wood and Nature decors and Metallic decors.

If you select a color palette please enter the desired color in the appearing text field. You can find all possible color codes here: HPL Trespa colors


Your special color

You have chosen one of the many special colors. Please enter the Trespa Meteon color code and/or color name.

To the color overview


The stripe design

Choose between wide and narrow stripe design.

Choose what suits your location or you like better.


Select height

Select the desired height of your Various-XXL. Base to roof top edge: 120 cm or 158 cm


Choose the texture of your back wall. If you do not see the back, you do not necessarily need trespa cladding. If you add another module, you can also choose open. The Trespa cladding will automatically get the same color and design as your selected doors.


Determine from which sides you want to open the Various-XXL. For the double doors you still have the option to choose "without center post". Maximum one double door without center post is possible and max. 3 sides!


By default, the doors are equipped with eyelets, which you can lock with the supplied carabiners. You can also, instead of the carabiners, use padlocks.

Alternatively, we offer keyed alike cylinder locks. You need one for each door. A cylinder lock is installed as standard on the double door without center mullion.


All-round service: Make yourself comfortable and choose the assembly service. Our service provider's friendly and reliable craftsmen will arrange a date with you to deliver and set up the Garten[Q] right away. However, delivery costs will still be incurred for the transport.

Please read service conditions for the assembly service!


Give interested parties from your area the opportunity to visit your Garten[Q] : Become a Garten[Q]-View-Point. You will receive 25,- € one-time for the registration, 10,- € for each additional visit and 75,- € for each resulting Garten[Q] order.

All further information about Premium Cash back can be found in the customer area after purchase or on request.

6.290,00 incl. VAT plus shipping costs
Delivery time of your Garten[Q]Various-XXL: 4 - 6 weeks

Large shelter for up to 6 bikes

Stow bulky things without powerful garden shed in a Various-XXL. Bicycles with trailers, garden furniture or other large things can easily find space in the garden[Q]Various-XXL.

Size: 234 cm long, 234 cm deep and 120 cm or 158 cm high.

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for height compensation for trash and various
incl. VAT plus shipping costs