The color selection

Choose your favorite color from 5 standard colors. You can also, for an extra charge, choose from the entire Trespa Meteon color palette. There is the UNI color palette, Wood and Nature decors and Metallic decors.

If you select a color palette please enter the desired color in the appearing text field. You can find all possible color codes here: HPL Trespa colors


Your special color

You have chosen one of the many special colors. Please enter the Trespa Meteon color code and / or the color name.

To the color overview


The stripe design

Choose between wide and narrow stripe design.

Choose what suits your location or you like better.


The variant/access options

Here you select the floor plan variant of your garden[Q]. By default, you can open the Garten[Q] on three sides.

In case of two-sided opening, you must specify on which side (in front) the additional access is made.

Please also note the floor plan drawings here in the store or in the info sheets.


Choose your desired height.


Roof variants


By default, the garden [Q]Pure-XL has a flat roof.


Filling height 2.5 cm. A 5 cm thick rain drain pipe directs the excess water through the Garten[Q] interior to the ground. Including "sieve dome". Suitable e.g. for ornamental gravel. Makes the Garten[Q] approx. 2.5 cm higher.


The Garten[Q]-backside

By default, the back of your garden[Q] is a plastic-coated multilayer wood panel (brown).

For visual reasons, you can order an additional Trespa panel as a facing. (If you can see the back, or you want to have the same design on all four sides).

The reverse side then consists of a continuous vault paper panel in the same color and design as your other Garten[Q] doors. If you have chosen a special color, you should also specify the same color palette here.


Color for the back

By default, the back has the same color as the Garten[Q] doors. Fill in this field only if you want the back to be a different color or if you have selected glass doors. Currently there is no glass back available.

You can find all possible color codes here: Garden cabinet Trespa colors


Practical drawers

Integrate drawers in your Garten[Q]. These are inserted from the side. (Tray [04] During assembly, you decide on which side and at which height your drawers will be installed. They are approx. 38 cm wide, 70 cm deep and 7.7 cm high. On your front side there is a Trespa panel in your door color or a standard color of your choice.


Choose a color for your drawer front. For custom colors, the panels can also be in your custom color.

Color drawer front

By default, the doors are equipped with eyelets, which you can lock with the supplied carabiners. You can also use padlocks instead of carabiners. Alternatively, we offer keyed alike cylinder locks. You will need one for each door. For the double door without center post, a cylinder lock is installed as standard.


All-round service: Make yourself comfortable and choose the assembly service. The friendly and reliable craftsmen of our service provider will make an appointment with you to deliver the Garten[Q] and set it up right away. However, delivery costs will still be incurred for the transport.

Please read service conditions for the assembly service!

Setting point foundations: The construction service also takes care of setting the point foundations for you in the form of screw foundations with special Garten[Q] attachments. The individual point foundations are included in the price and will be provided. Please be sure to read the requirements in the service conditions for the construction service!


Give interested parties from your area the opportunity to visit your Garten[Q] : Become a Garten[Q]-View-Point. You will receive 25,- € one-time for the registration, 10,- € for each additional visit and 75,- € for each resulting Garten[Q] order.

All further information about Premium Cash back can be found in the customer area after purchase or on request.

7.290,00  inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten
Delivery time of your Garten[Q]Pure-XL: 4 - 6 weeks

Garden house + bicycles

For those who have a lot to store: The Garten[Q]Pure-XL is a garden shed with a flat roof that has it all!.. It includes numerous, individually adjustable shelf systems. It is particularly well suited to modern architecture. With its size of 234 x 158 x 158 cm (W x D x H) it is by far not as "powerful" as a walk-in garden shed but stores all garden tools and even two bicycles.

The Garden[Q]Pure-XL is available in over 100 colors, various decors and two different stripe designs. Of course, you will never have to paint again. You can find all the important information in the:

>> Info sheet


Screw foundation

Screw foundation for garden[Q]s with soil
incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Device holder

For long-handled devices and tools
incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Intermediate screen

For uniform connection of two garden[Q]s
incl. VAT plus shipping costs


Roof extension for Teras-XL and Trash-3 ,Pure-XL ...
incl. VAT plus shipping costs