Device holder

The high-quality tool holder from Toolflex fits perfectly with your Garten[Q].

It is mounted, for example, in the flat compartment on the tool wall. With just one movement, you can hang your tools in the Garten[Q] and remove them without any problems or danger. The Toolflex tool holder consists of a 50 cm wide aluminum rail with black end caps and is equipped with 3 black holders (2x 20 - 30 mm, 1x 30 - 40 mm). Especially suitable for Teras-3, Teras-XL, Pure, Pure-XL each with three-sided access. Not suitable for Teras-1, Teras-2, Teras-XL-1, Pure-XL with two-sided access.

Free shipping for simultaneous order / delivery of your Garten[Q]. For a single order shipping costs will be charged.

29,50 incl. VAT plus shipping costs