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Parcel Box | Parcel Box

05.02.2020 09:24
from Markus Scholz
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Parcel Box | The Godfather Box for your home!
The modern parcel box
The parcel box with green roof

Parcel box / parcel box in many variants - your 24 hours parcel acceptance

You order a lot on the Internet and cannot accept everything personally? Then a parcel box from Garten[Q] offers the parcel carrier the simple option of dropping off parcels and packages at your address anyway.

We offer a freestanding parcel box in various heights between 1.20 to 1.70 m and optionally with integrated mailbox. Who has little space, but with us can also provide his trash can house with a parcel shelf and thus develop into a parcel box!

The optional raised bed on the parcel box gives back green space! Why not plant a snail-free herb garden on the parcel box and snack on some healthy herbs when you pick up your parcel. 

Parcel box, mailbox and trash can box from one cast!

However, the parcel box can also be fully integrated into your trash box. Thus, even a large parcel box fits stylishly into your trash box solution.

Who needs it more space-saving, has with our package storage even the possibility to arrange the package reception above a trash can. Depending on the trash can, this usually makes more sense for the higher version of the trash can house.

To make it complete, you can also include the mailbox in the garbage can house. This will give you a harmonious and tastefully coordinated overall solution in front of your house. Since this area is used intensively every day, you will get a lot of pleasure from a high-quality implementation.

Parcel Box | Parcel Box for every home!

Find out about sizes, variants and installation options in our info sheet

Prices can be found in our price list. For the free-standing parcel box see product Trash-1 (with parcel box).

If you are interested in the trash box integrated with parcel box, you can find more information on the product page of the Garden[Q]Trash or in the customer gallery.