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Barbecue cabinet | Barbecue cover | Gas barbecue garage

04.06.2019 10:39
from Markus Scholz
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Modern shelters for barbecue and gas grill

Where to put the bulky gas grill? Usually only a grill cover or grill roof protects from rain.

But if you are looking for a chic, modern and weatherproof barbecue shelter, it is much more difficult. Providers of professional solutions for a well-ventilated barbecue shelter that also protects against the elements are few and far between.

Model Garten[Q] Various is such a flexible barbecue shelter. It protects your barbecue and at the same time is an attractive design element in your garden or on your terrace. The material is weather resistant and high quality. The barbecue cabinet is available in various sizes, as well as more than 100 colors and designs.

But the barbecue cabinet also has a lot to offer in terms of functionality: for example, you can neatly store barbecue accessories via individually adjustable shelves and flexibly access the storage system via side doors, depending on the location.

Gas grill garage / grill cover for any size grill

Whether you have a gas grill, kettle grill or simple charcoal grill, the Garten[Q] is the perfect grill shelter:

  • Weatherproof gas barbecue garage made of HPL-Trespa. In over 100 colors and decors. Never paint again
  • Different sizes depending on the grill 
  • Expand the gas barbecue shelter with shelves for barbecue accessories
  • Combinable-modular / gas barbecue garage expandable with a garden cabinet
  • On request with green roof
  • Insertion from the front or side possible

You can slide your gas grill into the grill cabinet from the front through the double door or from the narrow side, depending on the depth of your grill. The grill cover is maintenance free. Combine your "grill protective cover" with another garden cabinet or privacy screen. Garten[Q]-Products are modular and allow an optimal adjustment to your needs. Many things are possible.

Find out about sizes and set-up options in this info sheet.

Prices can be found in our store.

You can find more application examples and pictures on the product page of the Garten[Q]Various or in the customer gallery.